Valmet promotes an environmentally friendly circular economy

Energy is an interesting industry. It is both highly political and strategic. It has a vital function in society, and it plays an important role in security.

The energy sector is on the verge of a major revolution. Climate change and the preservation of biodiversity are posing new challenges to all the players in the energy industry.

Resource efficiency for a low-carbon economy

The circular economy is a big topic today. One of its central ideas is resource efficiency, which is based on the sustainable and efficient use of the Earth’s natural resources and industrial by-products. The circular economy is also one of the key tools for transitioning to a low-carbon, low-resource economy.

Energy efficiency and sustainability have long been central to our business. We have responded to the environmental challenge, and our mission is to develop sustainable and responsible solutions from renewable raw materials.

Solutions for clean energy production

Our solutions for resource efficiency are based on renewable energy. We provide multifuel boilers for the production of heat and electricity, which can use both industrial side streams and municipal waste as fuel. Valmet’s gasification technology can efficiently generate energy from biomass and waste, while respecting the environment.

Valmet offers several solutions for emissions control and clean energy production. Not only do our air protection solutions meet emission limits, they also increase productivity, availability and profitability. For example, heat recovery from flue gases can sustainably increase power plant efficiency and district heat production capacity while reducing plant emissions. Flue gas scrubber technology is also used to reduce emissions from ships’ flue gases to meet tighter emission limits.

Our solutions to support the circular economy enable our customers to reduce their environmental footprint while improving efficiency and availability.

Shared Journey service concept for competitiveness and reliability

We have a strong lifecycle approach to all our services. We are continuously developing new technical solutions, services and maintenance products to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of our production lines throughout their lifecycles. Valmet’s Shared Journey service concept supports our strategy of staying close to our customers and our growth markets, and continually improving our customers’ performance.

Valmet: a forerunner in the Industrial Internet

We have established Valmet Performance Centers to serve as the primary channel for all Valmet’s Industrial Internet applications and services. To improve power plant performance, we provide Industrial Internet applications such as remote monitoring, fuel chain management and combustion optimization – to name only a few.

The world has come toward Valmet

At Valmet, we have long had an important environmental perspective – so it feels like the more intense environmental and energy debate of recent years has brought the world closer to us.

At the Nordic Energy Forum, we are both a partner and an exhibitor. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your requirements at this event.

Kai Janhunen
Vice President, Energy
Valmet Technologies